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32 Film Festival Screenings and Counting

by alexis
Film Festival Laurels for Carry My Heart

I’m extremely proud that “Carry My Heart to the Yellow River,” the short I directed and co-wrote in China in the summer of 2018, has found such a global audience on the 2019-2020 film festival circuit. So far, this uplifting story of a high school graduate’s epic journey on behalf of her sick friend has played in 29 Film Festivals among seven countries, including the USA and Guam, Italy, England, India, Ireland, Bhutan, and Germany. We’ve won three awards, and have been semi-finalists in an additional four festivals.

In the United States, we’ve had or will have screenings from coast to coast, including but not limited to New York (Syracuse and Williamsburg), Florida (Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Talahassee), California (Ojai, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles), Hawaii, Washington, and many states in-between (Mississippi, South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin).

Most importantly to me, audience response has been terrific, and I’ve heard from more than one viewer who’s been affected by our story. After all the hard work, it’s enormously gratifying to see the emotional payoff in the faces of viewers.

Film Festivals to which we’ve been accepted:

  • 39th Breckinridge Film Festival
  • Great Lakes International Film Festival
  • Charlotte Film Festival
  • South Dakota Film Festival (Winner – Best Family Friendly Short)
  • Fayetteville Film Film Festival
  • Sioux City International Film Festival
  • Santa Cruz Film Festival
  • Syracuse International Film Festival (Winner – Short Film Fiction)
  • Orlando Film Festival
  • Guam International Film Festival
  • 70th Montecatini International Short Film Festival
  • Liverpool Film Festival
  • 20th Ojai Film Festival
  • East Lansing Film Festival
  • Alexandria Film Festival
  • 34th Fort Lauderdale Film Festival
  • 39th Hawaii International Film Festival
  • Goa Short Film Festival
  • Williamsburg Film Festival
  • Waterford Film Festival
  • Druk International Film Festival (Winner – Short Film: Outstanding Achievement)
  • IS Short Film Festival Pune India
  • 42nd Big Muddy Film Festival
  • Snowdance Independent Film Festival
  • 14th Beaufort International Film Festival
  • Green Bay Film Festival
  • Children’s Film Festival Seattle
  • 20th FirstGlance Los Angeles
  • 14th Taos Shortz
  • Beeston Film Festival in Nottingham, UK
  • 17th Tupelo Film Festival
  • Tallahassee Film Festival

Film festivals at which we’ve been shortlisted, but not accepted:

  • Sapporo International Short Film Festival & Market (Programmer’s Delight Shortlist)
  • Thessaloniki (Semi-finalist)
  • Short to the Point Awards (Semi-finalist)
  • Dublin International Film Festival (Shortlist)

The journey continues; we’ve still got 5 more months of our festival year, and I look forward to seeing where else we’ll be able to play!

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