Home Update Celebrating the Holidays and My 10th Blog Anniversary

Celebrating the Holidays and My 10th Blog Anniversary

by alexis
Alexis and Kaylynn dragging a Christmas tree through the snow

It’s the holiday season here in the frozen north of Minnesota, and whatever basket of holidays you choose to celebrate (or not), I wish you well. We all find ourselves in the midst of those interesting times I keep hearing warnings about, but my fervent hope is we can survive them, in the spirit of Nietzsche’s famous quote.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been adding to this blog, off and on, for ten years now. As is the way with these things, the busier I get in my life and career, the less I tend to post, and the last two years have been so eventful it’s been easy to not post anything. This is particularly true because the things I like to post tend to be long.

Nobody has ever accused me of brevity.

However, I find that even after all this time, I still have things I want to share, and I’m finding it more vital to engage with the creative community out there in the world than ever. The work I do as a director, a writer, and still as a colorist and software consultant continually requires me to learn new strategies and technologies, and there’s no better way to cement one’s knowledge than to try and explain it to other people.

However, after all this time, this old site’s gotten a bit crufty, a little out of date, and so I’ve spent part of December 2019 troubleshooting the issues and cleaning things up. All this has culminated in the installation of a brand new template, in an effort to get modern and make things a little more readable and organized on different devices. In particular, now that I’ve got such a pile of content, I wanted to find ways of making some of the older articles that are still relevant a bit easier to find. What you see today is the first part of a longer evolution, so don’t be surprised if new features start appearing here and there as I evolve the experience into something more akin to a reference library of my various screeds.

So, stick around. I’ve got a huge article about one of the movies I directed in China that I just posted, and some other interesting bits in draft form that will soon follow. I’ve got a lot on my mind, and my use of this site will likely evolve a bit as well as my focus continues to swing towards narrative storytelling for visual mediums, and directing. However, I promise to keep it interesting.

If you’ve been a long time reader, I appreciate your traffic, and I always look forward to comments and correspondence, even if it takes me a year or two to reply. I hope this note finds you well, and offer my best wishes for the coming roller coaster of a year.


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