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  1. Yes, Ripple is currently editing the recordings I gave them, and we’re anticipating them being available on Jan 5th. Due to the nature of the release, The title is focused on new features in version 10, and the existing Resolve 9 title remains the overall training title since much of the existing functionality hasn’t changed that much. Cheers!

  2. How does the Look Book compare with your Creative Looks Ripple Training videos? In the book do you go further in depth, give a greater number of examples, or is it fairly comparable as far as content covered?

  3. While there is certainly overlap between the book and my Ripple Training title, the book goes more in-depth, covers a greater variety of looks, and has examples spanning several different grading applications. The Ripple Training video is Resolve Specific (although the techniques can certainly be adapted), and trades the in-depth theory of the book for a visual walkthrough of each technique being built in Resolve. I like to think the two are complimentary, but it really depends on what you like. I find some folks prefer books, and others prefer video, so I wanted to produce content that would appeal to each preference.

  4. Hello Alexis,

    You’ve probably had this question asked many times before but are there any plans to print anymore copies of the Look Book. I’ve seen a few come up on Amazon etc, but because of the rarity they’re being put up for $500. Would love to get hold of a copy of the Look Book as I’ve got a copy of the Color Correction Handbook and learnt so much from it that I’d love to continue with your brilliant work and E-Book copy just isn’t as good as the real thing.


  5. Hi Dan! I’ve asked my publisher to make more copies, but I’ve not yet heard resolution on the issue. I appreciate that you like print version better (so do I!) but sadly while I get regular requests for this, they’ve not yet been in the quantity to get immediate action. I’ll announce here if I hear anything.

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