A working colorist in St. Paul, Minnesota, I grade a wide variety of narrative, documentary, broadcast, promotional, and experimental programming. This gallery excerpts some of the more widely available of these programs. For theatrical credits, see my IMDB listing.

The following is a selection of features, spots, and promos I’ve graded.

Written, directed, and produced by me.

Directed by Sam Feder.

Directed by Matt Pellowski.

Directed by Nelson Cheng.

Nana – watch more funny videos

Produced by Three Volts. Graphics by Design-Guys.

Directed by Yan Vizinberg. Produced by Persona Films.

Directed by The Diamond Brothers. MBS Productions.

Directed by Abigail Honor. Produced by Persona Films.

Directed by Matt Pellowski. Red Line Studios.

Directed by Kimberley Reed.

Directed by Marc Fratello.

Directed by Lauren Wolkstein.

Directed by Ben Niles. Plow Productions.

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