The Place Where You Live

My most recent project is the award-winning 12 minute Science Fiction Short, “The Place Where You Live,” which has been accepted to 18 film festivals internationally in 2014–2015.

Nina Ashton, a professor of physics, is abducted by her counterpart from an alternate dimension–one in which her husband has died. To reunite with him, her doppleganger switches places, leaving Nina struggling to rebuild the machine that opens the gateway between dimensions to regain the life that should be hers.

More information on the making of this project can be found here and here. Watch the movie, and get more information about the project at the film’s website.

Starship Detritus

(In development) I’m writing and directing an original episodic serial, in collaboration with illustrator and storyboard artist Ryan Beckwith, that currently consists of thirteen 10-minute episodes. It’s animation, and we’re working independently, so we’re in the thick of a multi-year development process.

Starship Detritus Test Image

Starship Detritus is a rollicking science fiction series that follows the misadventures of the crew of interstellar freighter RT-7411, led by captain Corelie Meyers, as they embark upon a salvage operation that’s not what it seems to be. Along the way they grapple with pirates, corrupt Transit Authorities, the mechanizations of their shipowner, and above all the fragile state of their own malfunctioning vessel…

The Vampire Hunters (Working Title)

A feature-length gothic horror/adventure project that I pitched to Hammer Films in 2009. The following animatic shows the proposed opening three scenes.

Four Weeks, Four Hours

After four years of on-location shooting throughout San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the grueling deserts of Box Canyon and Coyote Dry Lake, I completed the feature length Four Weeks, Four Hours in 2006.

To date, Four Weeks, Four Hours has had seven terrifically successful festival screenings. It’s been featured at the San Fernando Valley Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Longbaugh Film Festival in Portland, Oregon, the ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario, the 26th annual Breckenridge Film Festival, the Salento Film Festival in Tricase, Italy, the Hollywood FAIF International Film Festival, and most recently in 2008 at the NewFilmmakers Series in New York.

Two tales of survival unfold in this intense character study of two vastly different women. Judi Beecher (The Shield, JAG) and Kaylynn Raschke (Nash Bridges, Artistic License) respectively star as a trophy wife and photojournalist, each stranded in a desert on opposite ends of the world, one for four weeks, the other for four hours.

As each woman looks for rescue, they are forced to face the decisions that have led to the life-or-death moment in which they’re trapped. Also starring Eric Pierpoint (Alien Nation, Enterprise) and Scott Escamillo.

To see a preview and get more information, go to

Dating the Devil

The script for my supernatural sex comedy Dating the Devil has been a favorite with readers, and in 2002 I directed a terrifically successful readthrough for a packed audience in San Francisco’s Theater 450.

When Peter found out that his new girlfriend was the devil, he had a choice to make– Risk eternal damnation, or dive back into the dating pool. The decision was easy…

As Peter tries to settle into his new relationship, his best friend decides that something must be done. What begins as a casual affair soon turns into an outrageous tug of war over Peter’s soul as his friends risk everything to stop Peter from Dating the Devil…

Visit for more information.

The Forbidden Zone

In 1999, I collaborated on The Forbidden Zone with Harrell Fletcher, Chris Johanson, David Jarvey, and Elizabeth Meyer.

“Video, drawings and sculptural models were used to address Jarvey’s interest in an early Star Trek episode. Jarvey, who has Downs Syndrome, identifies with a character from the episode, Captain Christopher Pike. Pike has been disabled and wants to go to the forbidden planet, Talos 4, where he can live with the illusion of being “normal” once again.” (quoted from

Combining bluescreened shots of David Jarvey composited against shots from the Star Trek episode “The Menagerie” with interview and home footage, The Forbidden Zone explores a unique intersection of fantasy and reality.

It functions both as a component of a larger gallery installation, and as a self-contained video short that has been exhibited worldwide. The original installation was first featured in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts exhibit, (extra)super[meta]. Most notably the video was featured at the 2004 Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, in their biennial exhibit of emerging artists.

Peace & Quiet

Peace & Quiet is a 27 minute science fiction video short that I wrote and directed in 1994—an offbeat story of a space freighter engineer who wants to leave his job for a life of quiet contemplation, and ends up getting exactly what he asks for when he winds up stranded on the high plains of a distant planet.

Subject to the limitations of low-budget video production in the times before DV, it was shot on S-VHS, complete with in-camera effects including glass-mattes (painted by artist Andrew Georgeades), studio sets, and on-location shooting.

Postproduction at the time involved a capture resolution of 320×240, but working at this resolution enabled me to include 3-D graphics and compositing effects which before that time were unavailable to this type of independent production. The QuickTime Movie master was originally intended for 1990’s CD-Rom playback, and so was compressed rather more heavily then the average web movie these days.

Time and technology have marched on since I finished this project all those years ago, but I remain proud of my first foray into digital video as both a director and postproduction artist.

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