On the Road Again

I’m remiss in not mentioning this earlier, but I’m doing a series of three presentations on DaVinci Resolve (sponsored by Blackmagic Designs). I believe my title sums up the content nicely–

Grade Faster Without Working Harder in DaVinci Resolve

I’ll be kicking off with a two-hour presentation; an informal overview of DaVinci Resolve, followed by a collection of techniques for manipulating key aspects of images quickly and efficiently using the software/hardware combination of DaVinci Resolve and its matching control surface. The third hour will be audience-driven Q&A (one of my favorite things). This is your opportunity to ask me anything you like about grading theory, practice, or DaVinci Resolve. I’m speaking at three different venues. Hope to see you at one of them!


Color Correction Handbook 2nd Edition: Grading theory and technique for any application.
Color Correction Look Book: Stylized and creative grading techniques for any application.
What's New in DaVinci Resolve 15: Covering every new feature in Resolve 15 from Ripple Training.
DaVinci Resolve Tutorials: Far ranging DaVinci Resolve instruction from Ripple Training.

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3 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Hea Alexis, great presentation. For those who didnt stick around for the post-meeting too bad. Scheduled as a two hour event stretched easily into three. With 45 min. afterwords. Still not enough. Glad to see you can make a tour of a career!

    Happy Grading!

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