I’ve Moved! (My Suite)

I’m a week overdue in mentioning this, but after a month of preparation and two weeks of backbreaking work, I’ve moved my color correction suite to co-locate with Twitch Post, with whom I’m partnering to offer my color correction services to an even more diverse clientele.

For those of you who’ve already been working with me, nothing has changed. You can still reach me through correctionforcolor.com and contact me directly for inquiries and scheduling, and I offer the same range of color correction and compositing services as before. However, being located at Twitch means that additional editorial and finishing services are also available under the same roof, should you need them!

My new, larger suite offers many advantages, not the least of which is a huge 114″ front-projection screen (nearly 10′ diagonal), for an immersive grading theater experience suitable for any project. My HD-native projector is THX-calibrated, and the entire room has been constructed to conform to established digital cinema evaluation standards. Narrative and documentary features, shorts, and promos can be color corrected with complete confidence that what’s on the screen is what the audience will see.

And not only have I moved, but I’ve already completed the first project in the new space—color correction for artist John Pilson’s nine screen video installation “Frolic and Detour”—playing at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Visit www.correctionforcolor.com for direct information about my color correction services, and to contact me for quotes and scheduling information.

Visit www.twitchpost.com to learn more about Twitch Post.

Color Correction Handbook 2nd Edition: Grading theory and technique for any application.
Color Correction Look Book: Stylized and creative grading techniques for any application.
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5 thoughts on “I’ve Moved! (My Suite)

  1. Alexis,

    Which projector are you running there?

    Oh by the way, whats your opinion of the new iMac 27 display, Im curious?


  2. I’m running a JVC RS2 DILA projector with outboard calibration gear. Don’t really have an opinion about the 27″ Apple monitor, as I haven’t seen it yet.

  3. Hello Van first of all really thanks for what you made to help people like me that we are discovering a new world in the color correction planet. Really thanks because jere in Mexico is hard found people that want to teach here experience. Im making my setup, for color, but i want to know if you can make a video or post, with what artup do you recommend formcolor correction and where and how to put the displays, color of walls, use a tv o projector for my reference image, how many distace from me put the reference image, all lf that please. I hope you read rhis comment and thanks again

  4. If you’re interested about room setup, I’d direct you to my recently released Color Correction Handbook, 2nd Edition. There’s a whole chapter that covers this topic, and it’s a bit much to summarize in a comments reply. I discuss standard practices for monitor surround, lighting, and suite setup based on published standards, my own experience, and information from many industry professionals in the display and grading fields. In the 2nd edition, I updated all of this information substantially, especially the section on display technologies. I also discuss panel displays vs. projectors, with information about setup for each. Hope that helps!

  5. It really help, again thanks maybe i dont know you, but really thanks. i Hope to buy tomorrow the book

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