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More Resolve 12 Mini-Tutorials on YouTube

by alexis

Ripple Training has posted some free new features videos I’ve made on the “DaVinci Resolve in Under 5 Minutes” section of their YouTube channel. Two came out today, and there are more to come covering both editing and grading features in the public beta of DaVinci Resolve 12.

The first of this week’s pair of new videos cover the new Smooth Cut transition in the Edit page, for eliminating “ums,” stutters, and other speech disfluencies, and patching up the hole. This feature’s effectiveness depends heavily on how much motion there is in the frame, so it won’t work for every jump cut you throw at it, and it works best when there’s a minimum of subject and camera movement. This video shows what it does.

The second video summarizes how to use the new 3D Qualifier, which is a brand new keyer in Resolve 12 that is often faster, more accurate, and can in many cases be more pleasant to use then the older HSL qualifier. Bottom line, this keyer should let you work more efficiently for most chroma key isolations.

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