Finding The Commands You Need in Resolve

Yes, it’s been MONTHS since I’ve posted an article. Partially I figured it’d take most people this long to get through the last gigantic article I wrote on HDR, and partially it’s been because I’ve been utterly slammed this year producing the pilot for a TV show I’ve been developing to shoot in China. I’d love to tell you more, (you have no idea how much), but there have been many twists and turns, “goes” and “stops,” and I’ve been waiting to see what’s going to happen with that before saying anything more specific (you know how these things go).

However, it’s come to my attention that a lot of folks who are considering using Resolve for Editing are having trouble finding the commands they need, which leads them to wonder if Resolve even HAS those commands. Other than recommending a thorough read of the editing chapters I’ve painstakingly written over the years, the following movie has a nice tip for searching through the many commands Resolve provides. Resolve’s capabilities are deeper than you might think, and this will hopefully help you explore what can be done more widely.

Have fun, and hopefully I’ll have more news to share as I put my producer/director hat on in the coming months.

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