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For some reason, everything always happens while I’m traveling.

After a long delay due to many unexpected happenings last fall, I’m happy to announce that my first video training title for DaVinci Resolve is now available from Ripple Training. It’s a seven hour overview covering every aspect of Resolve functionality, from project import, through the myriad grading tools Resolve provides, and finishing with Resolve’s flexible methods for outputting your project.

While I started out intending to do a “quick rundown” of how to use Resolve, the depth and breadth of the application forced me to expand what I was doing. After all, I didn’t want anyone to miss out on any of Resolve’s many features for making a colorist’s life easier.

As a result, the title consists of 53 individual movies, each covering short, specific topics. If you’ve already been using Resolve for a while, this makes it easy to focus on just those features that interest you. Ripple did a great job editing, indexing, and finessing the media to make the workings of the interface clear to see and easy to follow.

Lastly, I designed the lessons so that you can download the free (as in beer) DaVinci Lite version of the application from Blackmagic Designs support, then download the media I use from Ripple (instructions are included), and follow along for no extra money. And the free Resolve Lite now runs on either OS X or Windows, so you can follow along no matter what your platform.

So please, check it out. It’s like hanging out with me all day for $79 US bucks. That’s less then three martinis in Oslo, and there’s no hangover.

There are sample movies, a topic outline, and more at the Ripple Training web site.

Color Correction Handbook 2nd Edition: Grading theory and technique for any application.
Color Correction Look Book: Stylized and creative grading techniques for any application.

11 thoughts on “Video Training for DaVinci Resolve

  1. Alas, as far as I know there’s only the downloadable version, that I know of. However, contact Ripple Training to make sure.

  2. Bought this with the coupon code from (where I first saw about the tutorial).
    Just wanted to thank you for it.

    As Resolve is pretty high-end software, the prices for tutorials were pretty high-end as well. I was looking for some good tutorials, because after Apple leaving Color, and reading about all the great updates in Resolve (and R3D compatibility) I was very enthusiastic when seeing the news of your tutorial appear.

    I would consider myself a novice. I could work with Color, after a couple of tutorials I knew how to work with secondaries etc., but I’m far from a professional colorist.
    Your tutorial was very clear for someone using Color. It wasn’t too difficult, but you also didn’t pay too much time explaining the most obvious things. You struck a good balance between explaining a LOT, but having a good run down of what is important and how you can use it. It gives your tutorial a good tempo.

    Thanks again. Despite being very affordable, the tutorial did cover really much to my opinion.

  3. The videos have been a great investment, along with your “Advanced Color Correction and Effects for FCP 5” book, which succinctly explains scopes and how to use them.

    Looking forward to Resolve 9 training when it’s released. PLEASE consider upping the compression from 700k to 1.5mb/sec. The image degradation is such that I’m listening more than watching to give my eyes a break. 700k works for streaming, alas, the training is download only, so take advantage of the bandwidth. Thanks!

  4. The Resolve 9 training I recorded for Ripple is focused on learning the ins and outs of the application. I cover approach from the perspective of which tools you’d use in what situations, but I don’t dig too much into color theory. I do cover much more about using Resolve’s node structures then I did in the previous version of my training, and I think I go into more detail about some things. Ripple does a great job indexing my content to a very fine degree, so it’s useful as a reference as well. Hope that helps.

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