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Gone to Texas For the Day

by alexis

Note to all clients, while I’ll be in Austin, Texas doing a DaVinci Resolve workshop on Wednesday November 16th from 8-10pm, never fear. My trustworthy assistant will be taking care of all grading sessions in my absence.

I've been training him in for years

In other news that promises to make my presentation more interesting, at InterBEE (Japan’s equivalent of NAB or IBC), Blackmagic Designs announced that the newest version of DaVinci Resolve Lite now has no restrictions on the number of nodes you can use in a grade. Also, all versions of Resolve will start including DNxHD compatibility for free (you used to have to buy an additional $500 add-on).

Lite is still limited to SD/HD resolutions, has no noise reduction, stereoscopic tools, or remote grading, and is also limited to only using a single processing GPU. Otherwise, the free version just became a useful tool for doing all kinds of HD projects. You can read more here.

As I said on Twitter, use the money you save on Resolve Lite to buy yourself a control surface.

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