Screening in Beijing

I had a great screening of “The Place Where You Live” at the Flanders Scientific booth at BIRTV in Beijing, as part of a series of presentations I did about directing projects using visual effects, making good directing decisions on limited budgets, and using pre-production as a director with to make post-production easier, and cheaper, later on. I also shared how I and the other artists involved with the project used Autodesk Smoke (editing and all compositing), DaVinci Resolve (dailies creation and color grading), and GenArts Sapphire (for both effects and grading) together to make this project.

Beijing Screening Audience

Audience response was enthusiastic, and I have to thank William Cui, who translated and subtitled my film in Mandarin, and who translated all six of my presentations and Q&A sessions, he was a hero.



It was enormously rewarding to discuss the challenges facing directors doing post-heavy work, and to share my strategies for staying creative, keeping organized, and making the best use of resources with limited financial resources, and the audience for all three days was really fantastic.

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