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A Color Update, and Support Articles

by alexis

It would appear that Apple has released an update to Color 1.5, putting the application at 1.5.2. Hooray for bug fixes.

Although these days I use Color solely as a working colorist (and I’m busily moving my suite over to Twitch postproduction here in NYC), I did write the manual for versions 1 and 1.5. I guess old habits die hard, because with the new update I couldn’t help taking a look at the Apple Support knowledge base to see if there were any new and interesting tech notes, and then making a list.

I’m glad I did, searching for “Color 1.5” in the title revealed the following issues that I hadn’t known about:

While I’d rather not have any bugs at all, I’m glad Apple saw fit to mention these issues in the support library. Especially the RED issues, what with a few RED projects that might be coming my way in the coming months (although I doubt I’ll be worrying about the “mixed 4K and NTSC material” bug any time soon).

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