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One of the Originals, Still One of the Best

by alexis

Steve Hullfish was nice enough to send along the new second edition of his “The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction” for me to peruse, which was most generous. I’d bought his first edition on my own dime and enjoyed it thoroughly, and we’re all lucky that his publisher (Focal Press) has seen fit to give him the opportunity to update this book, and add even more breadth and depth to the information within.

Steve has been writing about color correction in a digestible way for longer then anyone else I’m aware of. Once upon a time, his original “Color Correction for Digital Video” sat alongside Stuart Blake Jones’ “Video Color Correction for Nonlinear Editors” as the only two books on my shelf that covered this complex subject for the layman, and I benefitted alongside countless others from Steve’s clear presentation, and his inclusion of many voices from the field.

As useful as his original book is, however, “Art and Technique” goes so much further, especially in this new edition. Jumping from 370 to almost 500 pages, Steve has organized a wealth of interviews with some of the top colorists working today, discussing practical issues that colorists of any level of experience will benefit from.

If you’re interested in grading and you don’t have this book, go to your favorite vendor and simply order one right now. You need this on your shelf.

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John July 8, 2012 - 3:42 pm

I remembered him mentioning he was coming out with a second edition on one of the Tao of Color podcasts. Good to know it is out.

I also regularly use your book as well. They should complement each other nicely.

Alexey July 10, 2012 - 4:11 pm

Oh, well, I’m going to buy this one as well as your book. I already own Kindle version of Color Correction Handbook, but I guess it should be paperback for my collection.
Thank you Alexis, you’re the best.


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