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A Film is Never Finished

by alexis

Official-Selection-FLIFF-2014-solo    2014-SDFF-Laurels

I completed my science fiction short, “The Place Where You Live,” about a month ago. I would have spent more time crowing about it, but I almost immediately launched into the final work I had to do for the pending Resolve 11 release. However, since then I’ve been doing all those other things you need to do once you finish a film; entering festivals, creating press materials, writing blurbs, building a web site, making postcards and business cards, budgeting for screeners and deliverables, choosing a shirt to wear to the premiere, etcetera, etcetera.

The truth is, you’re never done, but you do manage to finish some things along the way, and today I completed the brand new home page of the film, located at www.whereyoulivethemovie.com (which was as close as I could get to the title with an available domain).

There’s lots of information about the movie, including a fantastic trailer edited by Monica Daniel (she of Shitting Sparkles). I’ll cheat and let you watch it here if you promise to check out the web site later…

There’s also (drum roll please) news about THE FIRST TWO FILM FESTIVALS THAT HAVE SELECTED TPWYL! Upper caps because I’m thrilled to have good news to share so soon. The Fort Lauterdale International Film Festival in Florida has selected us for their 2014 festival in November. And the South Dakota Film Festival has selected us for their upcoming September 25th-28th screenings in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

I’m delighted to be included in both, and hopeful that I’ll have more news along these lines to come, as I’ve been told that each additional laurel wreath of film festival acceptance brings a fairy back to life (zombie fairies being an as yet untapped corner of two genres, no less).

The current plan is to run TPWYL through the gauntlet of whichever festivals will have us through 2014 and part of 2015. Until that time, I can’t post it freely on the web as many festivals have prohibitions against that. However, once festival play concludes, I’ll be posting the movie for one and all to watch and enjoy. Until then, keep an eye on this and the movie page, as well as my twitter feed, for news of any possible big-screen experiences coming to a film festival near you.

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Greg Greenhaw August 12, 2014 - 3:35 pm

Nice tangent wave cameo


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