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Happy Merry Holiday

by alexis

Whatever your religious persuasion (despite an alignment with secular humanism, I’m a Merry Christmas wisher myself), I did want to wish everyone happiness however you observe this time of the year. Frankly, it’s my belief that any holiday that discourages people from being assholes for at least a week or two deserves a shout out.

In the spirit of the season, I wanted to share a documentary short that my wife, the actress/stylist/filmmaker Kaylynn Raschke, produced and directed a few years ago, called “Give the Gift You Hate.” It’s a fun look at giving, receiving, and the holiday season that’s sure to make you chuckle and reflect on all the stuff we give each other this time of year.

It played at the Big Apple film festival last year, and this year Kaylynn decided to distribute it online for free. I hope you enjoy it!

Click through to see the movie via Vimeo.

(And in case you’re wondering, I edited it and did the grading.)

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