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Can You Hear the Words Coming Out of My Mouth?

by alexis

Well, maybe not right this minute, but thanks to Patrick Inhofer and Tao of Color, you can if you click the following link to his blog:


I was pleased to sit down with Patrick a few weeks ago, with the result being a three part interview series (nobody ever accused me of running short). The first two parts are up now, with the third yet to come. We talked about a wide-ranging series of things, and it was interesting.

Things we talked about—Starship Detritus. Monitors. Client communications. How we see color. Why I write manuals. What colorists do. My new book. Stuff.

The feedback I’ve gotten on Twitter has been pretty positive, so check it out; and check out Tao of Color. There’s some good info there, and Patrick is a good guy for sharing it (I also understand there’s a podcast series with not just my interview, but interviews with other interesting and insightful folks, all about color correction).

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