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About My Web Site

by alexis

Alas, my web site was hacked while I was away in Florida for the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival screening of “The Place Where You Live.” In fact, my whole family of web sites were hacked, and a week passed wherein I could do nothing. Happily, I’ve fixed the issue and taken steps to secure the help I’ll need to prevent this from happening again.

From the very beginning of this blog, I’ve resisted placing ads for anything other then the fruits of my own activities (my books, training videos, and soon my films), and the perennial Amazon ad for books I have on my shelf. I figure if you’re here, you’re probably interested in what I’m doing and what I’ve created, but you’re not particularly interested in ads for colleges, cars, or whatever other random adverts might pop up. Despite the increased cost of running this site in a world requiring hardening from hacking, I’m determined to continue to offer this site as a free resource. It’s fun, and I can continue to justify my occasional and eclectic posting habits.

If you like the content and feel motivated to support my efforts with filthy lucre, consider picking up a copy of one of my books or training videos (through Ripple Training). You’ll support my extra-curricular activities, and learn something to boot! And if you’ve already done so, then thank you! I very much appreciate it.

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