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Winners of the Sieben the Cat Contest

by alexis
Sieben the Cat

Sieben the Cat

Here it is, the Final Contest Update

Here are the results of my #siebenthecat contest on Twitter: Sieben weighs 14.8 lbs. Consequently, @bellafaccie and @camera_stooge are the winners, guessing 14.9 and 14.5 lbs respectively! (please use the contact page to email me your addresses) Thanks so much to everyone for participating, it was fun.

As a consolation prize to all 43 entrants of #siebenthecat, I got Ripple Training to offer 30% off of my Resolve 9 title before Jan 5th (there’s a good use of the 12 days of Christmas for you).

I don’t want to spam everyone, so if you entered my little contest and still want to get my Resolve 9 Core Training video title, go ahead and use my contact page to send me your email address and twitter name; if (and only if) you’re on my entrant’s list of 43 twitter names, I’ll email you the code so you can get the discount.

Happy Holidays!

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