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Return of the Holiday Contest…

by alexis
My Cat, Sieben

My Cat, Sieben

The Holiday Season is upon us once again, so merry merry, everyone. It’s certainly been an eventful year for me, and judging from the folks I keep track of on Twitter, it seems to have been so for a lot of folks.

To commemorate this year’s activities, I thought it would be fun to run another contest, this time offering one of two free Ripple Training USB memory sticks with my brand new DaVinci Resolve 9 Core Training on it (as seen below) to two lucky winners. I’ve been hearing lots of compliments from those of you who’ve already picked this up (and I thank you), but if you haven’t yet had the chance, this is your opportunity to learn more about how to use DaVinci Resolve 9 via 11 hours of show and tell, from me, for free. As in beer.


All you have to do is to be one of two people to guess how much my cat Sieben weighs, in either Kilograms or Pounds (international entries welcome) and tell me via Twitter using the appropriate hashtag (#siebenthecat). The two closest guesses by midnight CST, December 24th (Christmas Eve) will win. The weight and two winners will be announced by me on December 25th. Here are the rules–

  1. All guesses must be submitted via Twitter (@hurkman) and must bear the hashtag #siebenthecat
  2. I mean it, all guesses must be submitted via Twitter, with the hashtag #siebenthecat
  3. No emails.
  4. All guesses must be submitted by midnight CST December 24th. Weighing is on Xmas day. No appeals.
  5. I’ll ship it to you for free, but no guarantees on how long it’ll take if you’re not in the US.
  6. If you don’t tweet using the hashtag, I’m not obligated to include your entry as I may not find it, so don’t forget #siebenthecat

Good luck, and best wishes on a peaceful, happy holiday of your choosing!


Xmas Day Update—Well that’s a big oops. I was just informed that we do not actually own a scale in the Hurkman/Raschke co-prosperity sphere. Alas, the great #siebenthecat weigh-in will have to be postponed until December 26th, when stores open for me to buy a scale. Announcements of the two winners will commence at that time. My sincerest apologies for being such an inadvertent scrooge, although this gives me the chance to find a scale with two decimal places of precision to accommodate the great specificity of the guesses. Happy Merry Whatever, my friends.

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