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I’m Moving; And Going to NAB

by alexis

I’m moving! Those of you following me on Twitter saw my announcement a couple of weeks ago, but as my wife Kaylynn and I are closing on our new house next week, it seemed appropriate to mention it here.

Specifically, we’re moving to St. Paul, Minnesota. A place where snow freely falls during long, long winters (as evidenced in the picture above). Fortunately, I originally grew up in Wisconsin, so winter doesn’t really bother me that much (although I anticipate more March/April vacationing then usual). Also, I love cross-country skiing, so I expect an abundance of opportunity to improve my skills.

The reasons are varied, but mostly relate to work. New York has been a wonderful home for the past 6 years, but new opportunities beckon, and the St. Paul area is really a wonderful midwestern metropolis.

I will obviously be moving my color correction practice there with me, building out a new and improved home-based DaVinci Resolve suite for my personal clients, and doing other freelancing as opportunity permits. This move is also strategically planned to allow me more time for writing (not that I’ve exactly lacked time for writing, but apparently I want to do even more).

So, if you’re a filmmaker/documentarian/video artist working in the midwest, I’ll be available come June (who knows, I may even update correctionforcolor.com by then).

In other news, literally the same week as a truck will be hauling our stuff to the new house, I’ll be attending NAB, and I’ve got all kinds of activities planned there what with a class on Color Management for the Digital Facility, a short presentation at the NAB Supermeet, and a book signing (likely at the NAB Store), all of which are listed on the sidebar over at the right. I may even be appearing at the Blackmagic Designs DaVinci booth, I’ll add that if it ends up happening.

Perhaps I’ll see you there.

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Warren March 31, 2011 - 2:39 am

Looks great I miss the snow


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