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My Book’s On Shelves

by alexis

There they are...

Yes, I got a haircut (if you’re used to my Twitter picture, I do need to update it).

I was in Barnes & Noble to buy a Blu-Ray copy of “Stardust,” a movie I quite like and wanted to watch with my wife and her family (visiting for Thanksgiving week). Honestly, I had no intention of feeding my writer’s ego going in, but it did occur to me to check whether my book was being stocked (one never knows).

Fortunately for my ego, it is. So if (two of) you happen to be looking for a copy of The Color Correction Handbook, and you’re at the 86th St. Barnes & Noble in New York, then you’re in luck. More to the point, the book’s being stocked on actual shelves by at least one large vendor, which means if you’re too impatient to wait for the FedEx/UPS truck to arrive, your chances of grabbing a copy at your local bookseller aren’t bad, at least if your local bookseller happens to be, well, you know, Barnes & Noble.

I’m curious to hear what other stores might be stocking copies (the idlest of curiosity, I assure you). If you spot any in the wild and are so inclined, please drop me a note in the comments. And if you’re a repeat visitor to my blog, please rest assured that I won’t be going on about my book in every post. However, it’s not every year I come out with a new book, so I hope you’ll indulge me.

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evans July 24, 2011 - 5:08 am

Hi Alexis, thanks for your philosophy on teaching us. I’m wondering if the paperback version (IN AMAZON) of your book comes with the Dvd you mentioned in the book. I can’t make my mind if I go with the kindle version (hate B&W but at least I can visualize the images in the computer “Kindle for mac”) or buy the real thing, but afraid to miss the DVD. Let me know
and Best Regards.

Alexis July 24, 2011 - 11:58 am

While I like the print version’s formatting better then the e-books, you can get the DVD content either way. At the end of each ebook is a small section describing where you can download the DVD content, so buy whichever edition is more convenient for you.


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