How’d You Like to Watch Me Grade?


If that sounds like a good time to you, then you’re in luck. As a bit of an experiment, I’ve done a brand new title for Ripple Training called “DaVinci Resolve: Color Grading a Scene” (catchy title, I know). Since Ripple had the misfortune of releasing it just as llamas and dresses were taking over the internet for a day, I figured I’d take the opportunity to describe it in more detail.

As long as I’ve been doing videos for Ripple Training, folks have been asking me for years to show more hands-on techniques and real-world workflows. So, when Steve sent me a short scene he’d shot that was just begging for aggressive stylization, it seemed like a perfect excuse to do something different. In this three-hour tutorial, I grade a short scene from beginning to end, using whatever techniques came to mind to turn this small 5D project into a stylized horror scene. In the process, I go beyond explaining the tools, showing them used as you would within the context of an entire project, illustrating concretely how Resolve works when grading real-world material.


This project did a great job of showing Resolve’s various tools working together. Also, because it was shot using the 5D, it was a nice challenge to show how far you can push highly-compressed source material, if you’re careful. The nature of the scene was such that I used a wide variety of techniques, from primary Lift/Gamma/Gain corrections, to extensive curve adjustments, different methods for shot comparison, windows, tracking, HSL Qualifiers, keyframing, sharpening and midtone detail adjustments, blanking, pan & scan reframing using input sizing controls, and many more small tools and adjustments, all working together to create the final finished product.

So, if you’d like to kick back, watch me work and hear me talk my way through the grading of an actual project, and maybe pick up some new tricks, then this title is for you. Go check it out, it’s discounted for a limited time only.

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