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It’s taken Ripple Training a bit over a month to edit and polish the recordings I delivered just prior to getting out of town for my recent epic multi-country journey, but after much (amazingly well done) work, my brand new “Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve 11” title is finally available.

At 13 hours, this is my most comprehensive look at color grading in Resolve yet, and covers all features old and new found in Resolve 11 (this title supersedes my Resolve 9 and 10 titles). As with my previous titles, I methodically work my way through the workflows, tools, and features that are available, showing you how to grade using Resolve’s complete tool kit. Along the way, I do my best to liberally sprinkle tips and techniques that I find helpful throughout each topic, so you can get the most out of this powerful software.

If you’re a beginner, I do my best to concisely explain the background of each tool, so you’ll get a simple primer on color grading in addition to learning the tools. If you’re an advanced user, Ripple Training’s exhaustive bookmarks make it easy for you to jump right to the information you need.

For those of you’ve watched previous versions of my training for earlier iterations of Resolve, I’d estimate that this new title is approximately 30% new material, and 70% overlap. However, the comprehensive index makes it easy to jump straight to the information you’re looking for, so whether you’re only interested in new features, or looking to refresh your knowledge of seldom-used features, you can easily focus on the tools you need to learn.

And don’t forget that Resolve’s impressive new editing features are covered in my six-hour “Editing in Resolve 11” title. Between the Editing and Grading titles, you now have access to 19 hours of training covering nearly every aspect of DaVinci Resolve 11.

For more information, and sample movies from both titles, visit the Ripple Training web site.

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Color Correction Look Book: Stylized and creative grading techniques for any application.
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  1. In short, first start with a good primary grade to the overall picture, to get the color and contrast of the whole scene where you want it. Assuming the sky isn’t either entirely blown out, or altogether cloudy or overcast, you can usually use an additional secondary correction to boost the color of a sky that you want to be more blue. Use a qualifier or keyer to isolate the sky, and then you can use the highlight or midtone color balance control to change the hue and pump the saturation all at once. That’s one way; of course there are others such as using HSL or Hue curves, or making selective adjustments with the custom RGB curves of your application that coincide with the level of the sky (so long as there isn’t anything else at that level that will also turn blue). Hope this helps.

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