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By popular request, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve done another video training title for Ripple Training, “DaVinci Resolve – Creative Looks.”

Whereas my “DaVinci Resolve Core Training” title provides an 11 hour tour of DaVinci Resolve, from workflow through each of the many tools, this title is a focused 90 minute exploration of the creative process. I’ve long made a point of saying that the whole reason to use a dedicated grading application, rather then filters with preset looks, is that a grading application’s more sophisticated toolset makes it possible for you to be the plugin, crafting custom styles to match the content at hand.

Since the scenes in every project have unique visual characteristics, I show you how to approach each of a variety of oft-requested image stylizations in a variety of ways, in the process unlocking the flexibility of the DaVinci Resolve toolset to quickly customize an image’s look. I demonstrate different methods of evaluating how to apply a given look to a scene, and explore how you might combine techniques to create a style that’s completely your own.

So if you know the basics of DaVinci Resolve and want to get a look at some more things you can do, please click the link and check out some of the sample movies. $29.95 for 720p movies (playable on anything), or $39.99 for full 1080p playback (suitable for a 3rd or 4th generation iPad).

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