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by alexis

Last year I was the lead colorist for director Yan Vizenberg’s first feature, Cargo. The premiere was this last fall, and it was glowingly reviewed in both the New York Times and Hollywood Reporter, but I only recently noticed the new trailer.

This was the first film I’ve worked on with a second colorist. Due to scheduling constraints, I brought friend and colleague Patrick Inhofer on to work with me on the piece. After I spent a week with the director setting detailed looks for 3-4 shots within each scene, Patrick finished balancing the scenes while I was out of town. On my return, I reviewed the reels with the director and producers and made the final revisions and tweaks.

This was the last project I graded in New York while co-located with Twitch Post, prior to my move to the Twin Cities. Congratulations and best wishes to Persona Films. It’s a daring film with great performances, see it if you get the chance.


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