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Happy Merry Holidays. And Contest!

by alexis

Merry Happy!

Well, it’s been a heck of a year. Moving from NYC to Saint Paul. Traveling all over the place. Reestablishing my career in a new locale. Seeing how well my book’s been selling. Overall, things have been just fantastic.

Alas, I’ve been too busy to put together any kind of elaborate season’s greetings, so you’ll have to settle for this picture of me and my dog, Penny.

However, as a gesture of holiday giving, and in recognition that my “Color Correction Handbook” remains the number two most wished for item in its category on Amazon.com (apparently video game writing and design is a more highly desirable career then color correction, who knew?), I’m doing a little contest for those of you on twitter.

The first three folks who come closest to guessing the length of my Dachshund, in either inches or centimeters, by the end of the day on Xmas eve (Central Time) get a free signed copy of my book sent to them, anywhere in the world. To enter, you need to tweet your guess with the hashtag #howlongismydog (if you don’t include the hashtag, I may not see your guess as I’m using a hashtag search to survey the guesses).

I’ll announce the winners on Christmas day, as that’s how I roll. However, I welcome non-Xmas celebrators to enter as well, since I figure getting free stuff is enjoyable for pretty much anybody. The three closest guesses win, my decision, no appeal.

So, there you have it. Merry Happy Whatever, everybody! I hope the year’s been reasonably good to you, that you’ve many fine prospects on the horizon, and that you’re not working yourself to death. Maybe you’re even taking some time off.


Update—Congratulations to @oliveira_mau, @AaronWeiler, and @eduserrano who came closest to guessing her length. For the record, she comes to approximately 32 inches.

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